Way back in 1997 as a stay at home mom, I started dabbling in genealogy inspired by my parents. I created a genealogy website and taught myself hmtl and graphic design. The website grew so big that I finally ended up selling it to a larger company, and continued to dabble around with website and graphic design and grew my skills as technology grew.

I ended up going back to work, but continued to do website and graphic work on the side for friends and family, and businesses that learned about me through word of mouth. My hobby soon grew into a small business and that is how Fairy Fly Designs was born.

I still try to keep my small business small, not taking on too many projects at once, so that I can spend the time on each project that is necessary to get everything just right. I realize that the majority of my clients are small businesses, stay at home moms, and people trying to make their businesses successful by investing in an online presence and my goal is to help you accomplish your business dreams!